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David Brannon, Attorney at Law represents clients in estate litigation cases. After the death of a loved one, dealing with the estate and wills can be stressful, especially if there are disputes. Our Dayton estate litigation lawyer have years of experience and can provide thorough legal services for your case. We know you are going through an extremely difficult time, and we strive to offer a stress-free experience. If you need legal assistance with an estate litigation case, call our office today.

What You Need to Know About Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is often an emotional issue. It occurs when a person makes a claim for a certain portion of the estate that the executor, or person appointed by the decedent to manage the estate, disagrees with. If the case goes to court, the estate litigation process will determine the division of assets and property to those entitled.

Estate litigation covers a variety of disputes, including:

The estate division process starts with probate. After a person dies, the estate executor files probate papers and provides a list of the estate’s assets, property, and debts to the court. The probate court will then determine the validity of the decedent’s will, have the property appraised, pay off remaining debts, and distribute assets according to the will.

There are several reasons a will may not hold up in court. The will may have been improperly written, or the decedent was not competent to sign the will. The decedent may also have been coerced or unduly influenced by someone wanting personal profit. If these reasons are proven true in probate litigation, the will is considered void and the court will determine the division of the estate through intestacy laws.

Seek a Favorable Outcome with the Help of Our Lawyers

Interested third parties, beneficiaries, trustees, family members, and others may file claims for a portion of a decedent’s estate. If the executor opposes the claim, the case will go to court. Having experienced representation by your side can help the process go smoothly, and we can provide the legal advice you need as you seek a positive solution.

If you are facing estate litigation, David Brannon, Attorney at Law can help. Our knowledgeable Dayton estate litigation attorney keeps up-to-date on state and federal intestacy laws to provide thorough representation. Whether you are an executor or a family member seeking an equitable distribution of the estate, we can provide efficient and informative legal services.

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