Medicaid, Care Planning & VA Benefits

Dayton Estate Planning Attorney

Elder law is the practice of law devoted to senior citizens. Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits are a subsection of elder law. As we and our loved ones age, we are faced with additional medical and financial challenges. Families are inherently faced with tough choices, such as preserving assets for long term care, medical issues, and wishing to pass assets to loved ones. During estate planning, it is critical for individuals to create a plan that can protect them during a medical crisis.

Our Dayton elder law attorney provides the following services:

  • Medicaid
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Long-term care planning
  • Guardianships

Our lawyer at David Brannon, Attorney at Law works diligently to design a spend-down plan to assist clients while navigating the Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits eligibility standards. Our firm and staff approach our elder law cases with the goal of maintaining a standard of living that the client is accustomed to while preserving the maximum assets for the family.

Guidance through Emergency Situations

More often than not, we are in crisis mode in trying to qualify clients for nursing home care and governmental assistance. Every month of delay may mean $5,000-$10,000 lost because of paying out-of-pocket for skilled nursing or nursing home care.

There is simply too much incorrect information on the process, which is why a consultation is in order. Our Dayton estate planning lawyer utilizes trusts, gifts, and other legal mechanisms for qualifying our clients for any and all governmental benefits available so that the maximum amount of wealth may pass to family and loved ones, rather than nursing homes and the government.

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