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Estate & Probate Administration in Ohio

The loss of a family member or close friend is painful, and there is a normal grieving process that is involved. We understand that some clients must focus on the emotional aspects of a loss while delaying the legal ramifications of the loss until they are truly ready. Our Dayton probate attorney is compassionate and professional in balancing what must be done to protect our clients’ interests, and what may be delayed until clients are truly ready to start the legal process.

When you have been named as the executor, trustee, or administrator, even if there is no formal document appointing you, you have many responsibilities and will be held accountable for the proper administration of the estate. Whether you need assistance with probate administration or probate litigation, our law firm is well-equipped to help you through the process.

Our Dayton probate attorney will help you carry out your responsibilities properly and quickly. Call David Brannon, Attorney at Law at (937) 802-4900.

Do All Estates Go Through Probate?

Not every estate will require probate. Only if you have assets that are in your name only (not jointly owned assets) will these automatically go through probate. If you have designated beneficiaries for certain assets, such as insurance policies, there is a greater chance that probate is not required.

What Happens During the Probate Process?

Although simplified, the administration of an estate typically involves three steps:

  • The opening of the estate;
  • The inventorying of assets and debts; and
  • The disbursement of those assets to rightful beneficiaries and creditors in closing the estate.

Within each of those three steps, there are a lot of issues that must be dealt with, including:

  • The rights of a surviving spouse;
  • Formal notice to interested parties;
  • Payment of debts of the estate;
  • Taxes affecting an estate; and
  • Winding up and distributing of assets.

We are familiar with the law and courts and will push your case through the probate process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Normally our fees are governed by local court rules, so you know they are fair and reasonable. Sometimes, there are occasions whereby the local rules cannot dictate our legal fees, so we will inform you before getting started if that is the case. Regardless, the court must approve our fees before payment.

Because every case is different, it helps that our Dayton probate lawyer is familiar with other areas of the law, including domestic relations, wrongful death, guardianship, and more. Occasionally an estate will involve other legal disciplines which we utilize to the full advantage of our clients. If there is the possibility of additional recovery through the estate, we will present that option to you.

Timing is important in probate matters, so consult an attorney as quickly as possible to ensure that assets are protected. Contact our firm for a free consultation.