Lost, Spoliated, or Destroyed Wills

Dayton Probate Litigation Attorney

It is all too often that an original will is lost, tainted, or missing. Our Dayton probate lawyer has encountered situations where unsigned, damaged, or inappropriately executed documents determined which beneficiaries received inheritances and which did not.

The result is simply the uncertainty of the whole process. A court may even declare a will void, meaning the Ohio laws of intestacy decide how the estate may be administered and assets distributed. We can provide assistance with all types of will disputes.

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Probating a Lost, Spoliated, or Destroyed Will

Under Ohio Revised Code 2107.26, a lost, destroyed, or spoliated will, whether it was prior to or after the death of the benefactor, can be admitted to probate if both of the following apply:

  • The document was signed according to the law in the place where the will was executed; and
  • There is distinct evidence as to the contents of what was contained in the will.

Our Dayton probate litigation attorney will review all matters on a case-by-case basis, and assess the likelihood of prevailing on the matter.

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