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A will contest is a civil action, through probate court, to invalidate a will that has been admitted to probate under R.C. 2107.10 through 2107.77. There is only one question answered in a “contest.” Is it a valid will? If successful in contesting a will, the estate is then distributed per the statute of descent and distribution or looks to a prior will for proper beneficiary designations.

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What Is a Will Contest?

A will contest is not an action to interpret the provisions of a will. That is considered a will construction action. It may be prudent to file both a will contest and a will construction action at the same time to protect the interests of beneficiaries.

Our will contest lawyer in Dayton represent clients in cases involving challenges to the validity of a will based on allegations of:

  • Improper drafting, execution, or lack of witnesses;
  • Fraud, mistake, or forgery;
  • Claims that the testator lacked mental capacity to understand the nature or extent of assets or the terms of the will;
  • Claims of undue influence that may occur when the testator was compelled or coerced to sign the will; and
  • Actions to protect a surviving spouse, involving the minimum statutory elections for a surviving spouse under the provisions of Ohio law.

Proper estate planning is essential to minimizing family disputes over a will and/or trust.

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Timing and quick action is vital in will contests, as a challenge must be filed within 3 months of the notice of admission of the will to probate under R.C. 2107.76. Our Dayton probate litigation attorney will work quickly to assist you and your family.

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